Welcome to the studio! Here we create fun, engaging games of all kinds. Well, we’re starting to anyway!
We’re still pretty new, but with some hard graft, and a serious case of #EgoProblems, we’re going to push to make the best games we possibly can!

Who Are We?


Hello! I’m a twenty-something based in Sheffield, a veteran of Tt Games, and lover of Henderson’s Relish. Not from Yorkshire? Try Henderson’s Relish. It’s on Amazon.

I started this company so I could make the games I want to, to escape the small cog in a machine mentality, and hopefully, to create an environment as we grow that means no-one else has to feel like a small cog either.


Also hailing from Tt Games is John, an industry veteran with twenty years of experience under the belt! John is an excellent coder, who’s joined us for the exciting ride of trying to grow a company from its barest seed.

Where Are We?

We’re currently a work from home company, using the latest and best tools for development, and for staying in touch with each other and anyone we’re working for, all thirty seconds away from our living rooms! Currently this is my studio:

So a little small, but a nice place to be in I reckon! Once we’re off the ground though we’re looking to expand, get a company office, and really start making waves!

What’re We Doing?

Right now we’re working full time on our original IP, a PC and ideally console game with the working title “Strays”. It’s a frantic local co-op party game that drops you into the role of a dog out to create as much chaos as it possibly can in a variety of fun locations! It’s the story of the dog (or dogs) who have their day!

Check out our dev blog above, and social links below to keep up to date with what we’re doing!

What’ve We Done?

So far, we have worked on two released titles:


This is a fantastic puzzle game from Kwalee called Tens! Think of it as a fusion of Sudoku and Tetris, and you’re pretty close to the mark.

We worked with the guys at SockMonkey to bring this game from it’s mobile roots and overhaul the whole experience for PC, Mac, and Switch! With brand new game modes including local multiplayer, we’re really proud to have had the opportunity to help build this amazing game! Check it out on Steam or on Switch!

Happy’s Humble Burger Farm

This disturbing restaurant simulator is the brainchild of Scythe Dev Team, an America based team that have a history of producing sinister worlds and telling stories within them. They’re great, and we’ve had an absolute blast working with them! So what is the game about?

Well my best recommendation is to play it yourself and find out! At face value it’s a creepy cooking simulator that puts you in the boots of the latest employee at Happy’s Humble Burger Farm, a restaurant serving food to the masses in the perpetual night of Elysium City. Do your job well and you’ll have no worries, however make too many mistakes, and Happy will be… err… un-Happy. Creepy right? Well that’s just the start, as you play you’ll uncover more and more about this world you are in and, one creepy step at a time, draw yourself closer to the truth!

We worked on porting this game from PC to consoles alongside SockMonkey Studios.

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EgoProblems Ltd is a registered company in the UK. It is owned and operated by Matthew Gough.
Logo design by Vincent Tomlinson.

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