Contract Conundrums

What up guys! Another week has passed and so another blog is here! It’s basically law now. Unfortunately, I’ve been so busy with contract work for SockMonkey that I haven’t had any time to work on Horde, which does mean there isn’t a huge amount to update you on… But that isn’t going to stop me having a natter!

So, what can I talk about? At the moment, the project I’m working on is under wraps, so that’s off the list. We’re in lockdown so I can’t have any outdoor adventures. My evenings have full of Animal Crossing and Hitman – I find it’s important to get variety in life – is there much to say about that? Well I made a killing on turnips yesterday, so I’m finally gonna pay off my last loan tomorrow, that’s cool. Our great overlord, king of Capitalism, Tom Nook will finally be able to afford his own island… again. I also made a killing. That’s rather the point of Hitman…

Honestly though, it’s great to have a bit of directed work again. One of the biggest problems I had with working was knowing what to work on. Do I develop Horde? Build the business? Try and grow an audience? I’m already looking forward to getting back to all that, but it’s also super fun to have a project to dive into and… Well, slam my head against. It’s the masochism I think all coders have. Here’s a rough outline:

  • Hit a problem
  • Have no idea how to fix it
  • Bang your head on the table
  • Break the table as it’s made of glass
  • Go to A&E with multiple lacerations
  • Catch Covid-19
  • Come home in a dazed stupor
  • Realise what you’ve been missing
  • Fix the problem
  • Move onto the next problem
  • Repeat


I might also be missing the outside world a bit. If I don’t get to be in nature periodically I’m pretty sure I shrivel up and wither away. Anyone seen Camp Camp? I’m like Nikki. Not seen Camp Camp? Watch it, it’s great!

I need to get back to work now I’m afraid. I’m only contracted four days a week, but this week is the exception. Next week hopefully I’ll have something I can talk about as I’ll have done some Horde work. Till then.

Matt out

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