When The Contract Consumes, And Our Time Subsumes.

When The Contract Consumes, And Our Time Subsumes.

Hey y’all! It’s been a little while huh? My apologies for the missed blog last fortnight, and the radio silence that accompanied it; I am afraid I was rather delirious at the time, and at the point I was operational again, enough time had passed that I decided to just not mention it! Still, we are back now, and it is blog o’clock!

However, there isn’t actually much news! As the title indicates, all our time has been thrown at the new contract (willingly, I should add), so there really hasn’t been that much time for Horde or Vorp, especially as I had a day off one week, and was ill the next. I’ve added some more states to the finite state machine I talked about in this post, so that I can convert the zombies to using it as well as the humans. I’m still midway through, but all being well it will be finished today or next Friday.

So what about this all-consuming new project then? Why is everything on hold? Well, the contract work itself is excellent, but the timeline is pretty tight. As such I’m back to working four days a week minimum on it, leaving only one day a week for the running of the company and internal project work. This is fine for me for now, as the work is good, and it should be a quick feather in the #egoproblems cap. Plus I enjoy the game itself, and am looking forward to being able to share it with you lovely people!

Honestly guys, I’m racking my brains for things to tell you about, but that might actually be it! What with illness and extra contract work, there really hasn’t been much time for anything else. I need to get in touch with our accountant, but that’s hardly fascinating news… I guess I’m gonna leave it there!

Ha! Psyche! There is one more thing. It’s not work related, but as this is going onto the internet, I’d be remiss not to bring it up! Suzie has gotten a new furry companion! As she now isn’t stuck sharing with me, and so is missing a poor unfortunate soul to look after, she has rescued a little kitten! We’re completely smitten with him. Want to see? Stupid question:

Isn’t he glorious! We’ve called him Zuko (yes, after THAT Zuko from Avatar); we tested a few different names, and that one seemed to fit. He’s crazy energetic, definitely mischievous, but very friendly, when he’s not swiping at your fingers! He has been taking up a lot of our downtime, and it has been wonderful. Alright, kitten gushing over, I’m actually out of things to say this time…

Matt out.

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