Last-Minute Logging

Guys. It’s 11:35. The blog comes out in an hour, and I’m just starting to write. Things have been pretty busy this week, and I’m barely awake, but this is the last day before I’m on holiday, so let’s get going!

Submission never happens on time. It’s an unspoken rule. And as I talked about last week, last Friday’s submission was no exception. It left the shop floor this morning. Thankfully, my contributions (minus slack conversations) ceased yesterday, and I do have today off-contract. However, until today I’ve been eating, drinking and breathing contract work. Soon I will be able to tell you what it is, I’m just waiting for those permissions. Anyway, after a sporadic Thursday, when my last contribution was at around 8:30pm, we had our candidate. We sent it off to the client, and this morning the FTUE (First Time User Experience, or the first run and tutorial, in layman’s terms) crashed. Eep.

Luckily, it was quickly discovered that it was simply an error in the build. The solution was to build it again. Remember the phrase “The¬†definition of insanity¬†is repeating the same actions over and over again and expecting different results“? The one Einstein definitely didn’t say? Well in this case it proved incorrect. We built the exact same project, with no changes, and it worked. Go figure. Well, I say “we”, I was just crossing my fingers in the background at this point.

So if I’m not on contract today, why am I writing this so late? Well because I’m a sucker. While the above conundrum was going on, I had received a message about another project, and had to pull some last-minute work out to get them their request. It wasn’t a huge amount of work, but it took some time. Still, extra mile and all that.

Then I had to do payroll. This was a more problematic beast this month, as I had to get John all registered and now I have to think about tax. Blegh. I don’t mind paying tax, I think it’s a good thing overall, but they do make it a giant pain in my backside to do. Maybe I should pay for a fully automated system to make my life easier… But then, that would be another payment to process and keep receipts for. The cycle continues.

I think you’ve heard quite enough from me for this blog, remember that I’ll be skipping next week due to my highly anticipated (by me) holiday, but I will see you all in a fortnight, and I leave you with an unironic new mug!

I don’t feel silly owning this at all…

Matt out.

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