Hording, Holdups and a Holiday

With Friday comes a new update, though once again, time is of the essence: It’s submission day… kinda.

We’ll shake things up and start with SockMonkey work this week. Today is the day we should be submitting the game to Nintendo. So naturally we’ve been working flat-out to push it out the door. However, due to some unrelated issues from the publisher side, we’ve had to push that deadline back. This is a shame, but totally normal for games dev in my experience.

The upshot is that we can squeeze in a few more of those polish tasks and try to make the game shine. The downside is I’m not working on Horde today. It’s only looking to be pushed back to next week hopefully, so next Friday should be business as usual!

But last week I did work on Horde! Did I further the game by adding new features? Did I work on the design to improve the game feel or balance? Or did I decide to rework the AI code to allow for flexible creation of different AI difficulties, fundamentally changing nothing so far? Yep, the last one! So the game looks the same as last week, save that it now has the settings icon added, I at least did that.

See? And the card background has been changed too. I really need to sort out a palette soon though. My colour choices are not… choice.

Now I told you I’d let you know how things went at the incubator, and the summary is, it was pretty good. Working in an office space was a breath of fresh air from working in my home office, and seeing other people (albeit only 3) was refreshing. About halfway through the day I had a chat with Ian, the guy that invited me to the space, and he explained what they are about, what they offer, and what the damage is. It seems like they offer a really good deal, if you are off the ground enough that the cost is negligible, or if you can’t work from home easily. It’s something for me to consider in the future for sure, but as it stands, we’re going to stay friendly, and see what we can offer each other.

And finally, and more exciting for myself than you guys, I’m actually taking a holiday! The week after next I shall be taking the whole week to relax, recharge , and recreate… Oh god, the alliteration is spreading! Anyway, as a result there will be a blog next week as usual, but no blog the week after. I’ll try and find something interesting to post in it’s place though!

Matt out.

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