Twenty Twenty One, Bring on the Fun!

We are back gentles and ladybeans! In a brand-new year no less. Whether you celebrated or not, I hope you enjoyed the holidays, and made good use of some well-deserved time off. Or if it wasn’t well deserved… Ah, who am I to judge!

In a blistering turn of events, I am doing away with the old title scheme of beginning every key word with the same letter (that was sooo last year), and instead I think I’ll opt for a rhyming scheme. Who knows if it’ll stick?

We’ve started almost as if nothing has changed. Days one, two and three of the new working year have been dedicated to SockMonkey, helping out with some small corrective fixes for Tens! before setting my sights onto the other project, refamiliarizing myself with that ready for some hard graft. In some ways, it’s really great to be back, in other ways, I could do with another two weeks holiday, more on that later!

Come Thursday and my first day off-contract. First thing’s first, it’s time to do some cleaning up. We’ve come a fair way since I last modified the main page, and so it felt right to update it a bit. You’ll find we’ve updated our flavour given we’re not “brand new” anymore, and there’s a new section; “What’ve we done?” It’s not an admission of guilt; this is where we’re going to be adding info about our releases. Tens! is already listed, so go check that out, and maybe follow the links to grab the game on Steam or Switch. I might play around with its location on the page, as it’s pretty low. It feels like it should be higher, maybe even above “Who are we?”, but the flow of headings works better in its current orientation. We shall see. Comment below if you have a thought!

I’ve also been working on Horde! I’m currently writing the system that will allow the humans to be generated from the level settings, rather than requiring them to be manually placed. Not a lot of visual changes, so screenshots will have to wait for another week. Now though, I can make the adding/removing of a human much simpler, and basically idiot-proof too! These are famous last words, I know…

Next up was something I realised after watching a couple YouTube videos that auto-played while I was working; I may have had a couple of images from the internet on the site. I also may not have had the rights to use these. Because they were universally for the blog, and usually something daft, or even something I drew over, I hadn’t really thought about it, but I could have been guilty of Copyright infringement. Just to be safe, I’ve gone through and removed/replaced anything that wasn’t explicitly mine. We are all good now!

I mentioned needing another holiday up above (told you I’d come back to it). The reason for this is threefold; one, being part of so many virtual mini-Christmases is exhausting, two, we’ve been doing a lot of decorating, and three, to keep working on my skills I’ve been getting the old digi-pen out again and practicing my artwork. These things have made it feel like more of a change than a rest!

Still I’ve been pretty happy with some of the things I’ve worked on. As a Christmas gift, I sketched out a portrait of two of my friends who have graciously allowed me to brag about it here!

I’ve also written and am in the process of running a table-top game (like DnD, but without the 7000 rules), which I’ve done some visuals for:

I drew these pretty quickly, but I’m still happy with the outcome. So yes, not a huge amount of downtime, but a thoroughly enjoyable break from running the #EgoOffice nonetheless. Now I’m off to consume more caffeine and paint some walls.

See you in a fortnight!
Matt out.

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