The Sensational Seasonal Summary

So, we come to the last blog of the year. In two weeks to the day it will be Christmas and #EgoProblems will be closed until the new year. It’s been a wild, wild year, for so many reasons, and at the risk of making this sound like a recap episode, I’m going to attempt to summarise it in a single post.
Brace yourselves.

Though we haven’t actually been running a full year, it feels like a lifetime since the first post, back when I got the website up and running. We’d already been going since January, but nothing was official yet, and I was simply throwing myself into the deep end and hoping. Still it was a good chance to learn some new skills, and I decided, for better or for worse to learn how to art. Horrific. But hey, we got an initial logo and some laughs out of it.

EgoBrain earliest
What a time!

That’s about when the pandemic hit in full force, and I rescued Suzie, completing the #EgoHousehold as it sits now. The looming threat of someone’s wild game of Plague Inc. didn’t stop us from ploughing forwards however, and I managed to do something I’ve since really failed to keep up with – make a video for you guys… And get very distracted by Animal Crossing. Good times.

The whole world chose escapism… Fair.

One video and some art later and #EgoProblems finally became a legal entity! In the same week, we secured our first contract with SockMonkey, who have been gracious enough to stay with us through this journey! From there we phoned it in, melted down (first ever background for non-techies!) and got way too into hobbycraft and DIY. We started getting kitted out, despite the best attempts of our supplier, as Horde started to flesh out. Oh and we managed more videos and crafting.

We even made a forge!

That only takes us to June! Let’s speed it up a bit. We stood with protestors, followed through with a Livestream promise (I still want to do more…), pimped our rescue hamster’s crib, melted, made questionable coding decisions (though that could be any week), and unleashed evil unto the world! I took a break, grew some beans, and got lost in legalese. Twice. I got angry at Xbox and got older. We finished August by spending way too long on minutiae.

Old habits die hard.

Still with me? Good! because John joined us next, and I checked out an incubator (oh, and Horde got a makeover). Deadlines got pushed, and a submission happened. I took another break, then talked about it, then decided that weekly blogs were killing me (they’re making this round up hard, let me tell you!). Home stretch now!

I really needed that break.

Halloween happened, and we announced the release of our first credit! I got a haircut and boasted about being lazy and wrote a blog about the previous year! Wait. That’s this post! Guess we’re up to date!

Wow. I skipped out on so much, but that was still a lot. From zero to our first credit. Getting an employee. Learning new skills in art and business. Productivity spikes and troughs. Failing to follow up on livestreams. It’s been crazy. All of this in a year like no other in our lifetime. With a global pandemic, protests, political upheaval, and a million other things lost in the torrent of this year.

Still, despite 2020’s best attempts, I had a blast! I hope you did too, and I hope that incrementing the year number really does flip the crazy bool on the universe back to false. I leave you with our Christmas decorations, and the promise that we’re only going to push harder in the new year. Oh, and the #EgoGnome says Merry Christmas too!

See you in 2020++.

Background for non-techies: “++” is the increment operator. so 2020++ is 2021. But I’m sure you could have figured that out, I just couldn’t have the last blog not contain one of these.

Matt out.

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