Hard Work and the Horde

Hey guys, hope you are all safe and well! Things have indeed gotten odder haven’t they? But life goes on, and so does development. It’s been a little different here, now that I have two additional full time residents for the foreseeable, and yet the working week has been largely unchanged.

Today’s blog is the big reveal! I’m going to be talking about the mobile project we’re working on! Take a seat so you aren’t bowled over. Ready? It’s… a zombie game.

I guess if you’ve been following the blog, you already figured that out huh? OK OK. So the game is currently going by Horde, and is a puzzle/strategy game where you play as the zombies. Your goal is to bust through barricades to get at the pesky humans who keep killing you. You function as the collective hive mind that directs your minions to get past whatever defences the humans have set up, throwing zombies at the obstacles until the barricade falls, or your last zombie dies.

You will have access to different types of zombie, unlocked as time goes on, and each barricade is a different level, and will set you up with a limited pool of zombies to use to win. It will be up to you to work out the best way of getting through, while minimising losses.

If you are familiar with the old flash game The Last Stand, then imagine that, but the roles are flipped. And it doesn’t look as gritty. I’m psyched to finally be developing this, as I’ve not found anything similar yet (though I’m sure it exists, nothing is original right?) and it’s an idea I’ve been holding on to since before starting my previous job 5 years ago!

All of this is subject to change based on what works, naturally. If the game isn’t fun then there’s no point making it. Initial tests with the main mechanics serve as a proof of concept; we have the input method, the base zombie behaviour, and you can even see a speed-build of adding a very simple human AI on our new YouTube channel here:

For those who don’t have the time or desire to watch me yammer over a video of what is about the earliest prototype it’s possible to have; basically it’s an hour of development sped up so it fits into a mere two minutes, in which I add a simple human AI to move around and attack our zombies.

As you can see from the video, there isn’t really much going on in the way of assets yet, but I’m hoping to knock out some decent-ish temporary art to use so that the game can start to look a bit more representative. Expect a post containing more amateur art in the future!

That’s about all I’ve got for you today, I’m going to go back to playing Animal Crossing now, which I hadn’t anticipated would take over my life quite as much as it has. I can’t help but let my #EgoProblems bleed into everything I do though, so I will leave you with this:

Matt Out.

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