Pandemics and Problems

This week’s been an odd one huh? And it looks like things are only gonna get odder. We’re not too worried about ourselves here at #EgoProblems; we’re young and resilient, and already isolated! We do, however, hope that you are all keeping safe and that you aren’t too disrupted, or at least, if you are, you’re trying to make the best of it!

Predictably, this week productivity has been low. Instead of knuckling down I’ve been running errands for my mum, my sister, and her three small children, and trying to help wherever I can in the local community. Oh and I’ve been making plans to take on a refugee from London; my other half is being told to work from home, and my place is bigger/not in the capital!

That’s not to say I’ve achieved nothing. In fact, I have the very first build of our original IP on my phone! It’s about as basic as you can get, but it tests out the input behaviour, and the bare mechanics. The next post will go into more detail I suspect, but for now you’ll have to wait and see.

It has been wonderful to see so many people coming together in solidarity during this crisis. Pret are fueling the NHS with free coffee and discounted food, social media is alive with positivity, I joined a local Facebook group full of people who are trying to help each other out where possible, and generally, people seem to be in good spirits and “cracking on” with their new lifestyles.

Side note: if you are studying to be a Games Developer and reading this, or simply want access to some games dev resources, some of us devs have been assembling a list of resources so you can better work from home. Share it everywhere you think it’ll be seen by those who might use it! There’s a bit of everything on there, from coding to SFX.

Yesterday is when things took a turn. I spent 8 hours yesterday driving to London and and driving back with +1 Suzie, which was all well and good. I’m down a day, no big deal. Then I tried turning on my computer. Crash. Huh. Restart. Seems fine. Oh wait; crash. Restart. Working so far… A new version of my graphics driver needs to be installed? OK. It uninstalls my graphics driver and then fails to install the new one. Long story short, the configuration registry is corrupt and the whole thing is fubar-ed. Reset and refresh don’t work, repair fails, I can install nothing, and have no graphics driver.

This is where I am now; I’m writing this on an old laptop (some of it for the second time, as the mobile app wouldn’t upload what I had written on there), using my backup wireless mouse, as my primary one has stopped working, having re-setup my Sonos, which couldn’t be detected suddenly. I am now listening to Tom Waits though, which is a plus!

The rest of my day is going to be spent sorting out my workstation, so wish me luck. I don’t like to finish on a downer though, so in other news, I have finally found the time to start making homebrew again! So if my tech woes don’t go away, I now have 5 gallons of mead brewing away!


In the meantime, to reiterate what I said above: stay safe. Be sensible, take precautions, and don’t panic! If this is the apocalypse, it’s the slowest, dullest apocalypse we could have, and I for one don’t intend to succumb to such a dull finale!

Matt out.

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