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Hey guys! We’re online. It’s been a painstaking process, but the foundations are laid, and the groundwork is done!

Turns out making a website is difficult. Not the actual website making part, that’s simple; there are 8 billion tools to build it for you. No, the difficult part is picking which combination of the 8 billion tools you want, and figuring out if they’re compatible, making sure you aren’t paying for the same thing more than once, and then crying yourself to sleep as you wonder “Did I make the right choice?”

Actually, it probably doesn’t matter too much. I went with a domain from 123-reg, Hostinger for hosting, and WordPress as the web builder. Oh and I’m using the free variant of “Fascinate” by Themebeez as the base for the layout.

The latter half is subject to change. I might play around. My css and html is rusty though, so I doubt I can create something better from scratch. When I’m feeling flush I’ll probably invest in the paid version of the theme, get them features and support the creator. It’s pretty slick and simple.

The next question I had to ask myself was, “What do you put on a website?” I don’t know. I’ve put stuff on the website and I still don’t know. I got the logo on there (subject to change, as that’s just the best of me spitballing, and I intend to pay someone to make it better…)

The logo at time of writing.

So what else? About the company. Sure. We… haven’t done anything yet. About me. I feel like I’m writing a tinder profile… What we do. It’s self explanatory. I plugged us for contract work though! That deserves points right? Add a form for contact and booyah? It’s something. I dunno, what do you think?

I’m looking forward to having more content to put on here though! Make it feel a bit more like a website, than an advertisement for someone else’s WordPress theme! Til that happens, I’m at least going to try and blog the goings on here with #EgoProblems.

Matt out.

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